Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Time To Twirl!

The last 48 hours have changed me.  Capturing the undivided, uninterrupted moments with my girl have shifted something in me.  I may not be able explain it adequately, but taking the time to "BE" with her has created a new passion in me I didn't expect to discover!

What began as a restful, quiet, but let's pack it all in - "Haas Girls Getaway", ended with so much more!

As I was sitting on the shoreline, watching my girl twirl fearlessly in the Atlantic sand, my heart was mesmerized!   She danced, she jumped, she twirled, she laughed, she chased, she smiled.   I watched her from a new view.  A view that displayed her courageous spirit.  Regardless of what was around her, she came to play!  Regardless of the chilled temperature of the Atlantic shore - she came to twirl in the sand and soak her toes in the fresh waves!  Regardless of what others were doing or not doing around her - she came to laugh and BE her!

It got me thinking ...

I admire her courage.  I admire her strength.  I admire her faith.  I admire her laughs.  I admire her twirl!

How often have I limited or discredited a moment?   Moment's bring memorials or regret.  Moment's lead to days,  then years.  Moment's define us.   I knew in that moment,  that I could not let it pass me by.   Moment's with my husband and children are some of the most intimate times that God will use to help bring a new definition or gentle reminder into my life.  It could be a new perspective,  an attitude that needs to be shifted or a defined place to trust God with complete courage to what He has created me to be and to do. 

The last 48 hours helped rediscover something in me.  I left with a renewed passion to be me - more of what God has asked of me.  I will laugh hysterically - frequently and more purposefully.  I will twirl without fear - making room for more celebrations & inviting others to enjoy the dance with me.   I will step in to this season with all that I am, with everything that God has purposed - regardless of what I see, hear of feel ...  or how cold/frigid the temps might be or the scare of jelly fish nearby!  

In Ecclesiastes 3, it says, there is a time and season for everything!  This is the Haas' time to dance!

If you see me twirling nearby - be sure to come and join me!

Twirl for a moment!

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