Friday, January 7, 2011

Blogging Apologies - No More Excuses

It's been a long time since I've MADE the time to share what's been happening from this view!  It's been an "active" season for sure, but that's no excuse!   I really will do better at sharing!

So here are my Top 10 reasons (excuses) why I haven't made the time to keep up...

10.  I felt it lame to think that someone would read about life from my view.   Really?  Seriously?
9.    I put a reminder to update on my "to do" list, then forgot where I put it.    (Anyone who knows me knows I need my list, and you also know I can loose my list if not in my LARGE binder or on my "to do" task list via smart phone app.
8.   My little princess started Kindergarten and I couldn't see the password I had written down to sign in, all due to the tear stains from the disbelief that she is now in school!
7.   We helped lead the very first Run For Mercy 5KCharlotte in September and got overwhelmingly loved by some great volunteers who made the day a great success!   They raised over $26,000 with over 300 participants!   More info - check out!   I was completely in awe of how incredible this team worked to help Mercy!  WOW!
6.   This year we began being a part of a dynamite church staff family!  We get to be a part of some incredible things that God is doing in this city!   We love seeing God tell His love story!   This time - we were in complete awe and wonder that God would ask us to be a part of His plans for children at Freedom House Church!   God truly took my breath away!    Seriously - I'm still in shock that He wants to use ME!   I was at a loss for words!  Written or Spoken - Truly!
5.   We began homeschooling Daniel for 5th grade and in the middle of Lego Geography I fell into an alternate Lego universe, surrounded by billions of Lego Star Wars ships, droids and clones - and just now found my way out. 
4.   Chloe (our dog) and I have been on a shopping spree looking for her a new winter coat!  Of course she had to have pink and it had to be just her size, with lots of sparkles.  We succeeded!
3.  Eliana held me hostage to do mani's & pedi's and we just got all of the nail polish secured again - only 23 different colors to choose from!
2.  Chris was trying to show me how to do Excel spreadsheets with all kinds of formulas - he's wanting to bring me up to par with his expertise mind!
1.   I was held up with a marshmellow gun.

2010 went by way too fast!    I'm gonna do better at sharing this part of our "Life With A View"!    In the words of  our Eliana tonight - "I'm ready to share my life with others".