Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Listen To The Spotter!

In spirit of the NASCAR Chase season, I give my "burn out" to those who climb in those cars each weekend.

Last year I had the chance to experience the full view in driving a real race car!  This had been a life long dream from my childhood days of being a true Race Girl!   Growing up, I would spend many nights with my Dad, out and about in the local race team's shop.   I remembered the rumble of the engines as they would roar throughout the area as they cranked for the first time after being built by this crew of proud engineers!

I remember watching the race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway for the first time with my Dad and dreaming of what it would be like to go that fast.

Here is a little recap of my experience!

  • I listened intensely to every detail the trainer taught me.
  • I bought the extra insurance so I wouldn't have to give the track the cash in my hands if I hit something or someone.
  • I needed 2 cushions to boost me close enough to the pedals. (I'm vertically limited!)
  • I was scared to pieces.
  • I had to listen to my spotter.
  • I finished my laps and smiled the biggest smiles possible.

The whole time during our training course, the instructor kept saying - "Listen to your spotter!"  This hit me hard as I climbed in the car, the head devices restricting me from seeing fully around me, no mirrors to help me. Headphones on.  Mic check.  Sound check. The spotter was ready.   

You see - this spotter is located high above the track and his main role is to watch for anything that would put me in danger or to tell me when I'm putting others in danger. He's positioned up above and has a view or perspective that I can't see.  I had to depend on this spotter to help me out. He was my only way of living through this experience.   Cars going 180mph all around me, I had to listen to all he told me to do, and not do.  My life depended on it.  My wimpy 115mph experience had nothing on the pro's.

That is much like living life as a leader.  I have to depend on the Holy Spirit to guide me, show me, correct me,  warn me, train me, watch out for me. My listening to the "spotter" and the Holy Spirit both involve my actions bringing harm or health to so many people around me - my family included.   Hitting a wall at high speeds brings the same result as not listening to his warning when a situation needs His presence.

Throughout this high speed adventure and dream come true, I was gently reminded - I must allow my "spotter" to help me.  I can't do this alone.  Too much is at stake!   No insurance coverage can take care of that.

I'm thankful for the Holy Spirit and how he gently directs me each day.  Watching every detail.

What are way's God is showing His presence with you? 

Are you allowing Him the chance to be your "spotter"?