Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sheep - He Counts Them. He Leads Them. He Shear's Them.

2013 was a great  year for the Haas'!    We stood in awe at God's continual goodness over our lives, again and again!  

  • God strengthened my body and my heart through cancer, and gave Chris a peace to lead us through with joy,  that only God could do.   

  • God provided a way, when others said there would be "no way"!   God provided!  

  • God resurrected dreams that we thought had been forgotten, and broken into too many pieces.  God guarded and shielded us - every day, every moment.  He was there.   He was a faithful shepherd!

Just like a good shepherd ...

He was leading us.

He was guarding us.

He was feeding us.

He sheared us.

He counted us.

The thing that has stuck out more than ever in this season, is realizing this simple truth.
He took what was sheared off (worry, fear, lost hope),  and made it into something beautiful and protective from brutal elements.  Just like when wool is sheared,  it then creates something more beautiful to help protect from the cold elements or to help bring comfort to many.   God sheared and continues to make something beautiful with the Haas' messy wool.

We can confidently say, God did this with our lives this year.  Our story of God's faithfulness was shared.  God's love was given.  We had to trust Him completely to take these pieces and create a beautiful tapestry. 

As 2014 arrives, we are  more determined than ever, to fulfill all God is asking.  We are excited and humbled, to see God's love for us be once again beautifully on display - along with all of the broken and beautiful pieces that make up this tapestry!

What areas are you trusting God to be the Good Shepherd?  Caring for you?  Providing for you?  Leading you? 

We are praying for your 2014 to be a year full of God's faithful love!   Trust the shearing!