Monday, June 6, 2011

Here's the deal ... 
I was in an online conversation a few weeks back and after confronting a situation that was dishonoring to another, the person asked me "So it was YOUR place to publicly tell me I was dishonoring?"  ... my reply to this "friend" was,  "YES"!   God placed me in this conversation to SPEAK.   Not to yell, attack, belittle or slander - but to SPEAK.    I have a voice.  I'm on this journey of learning to love my voice like my Father loves my voice.   To see that my voice brings value, grace and even restoration in the middle of a confrontation.

It got me thinking and stirred me to really reflect on what God's design was for me in this season.  You see, in the past I'd been quiet on some things that I really should've brought a greater (not louder) voice to.   Oh sure, I have shared my "two cents" a few times when given the chance or welcome.   I'm not talking about joining in on the ranting and public disagreements that may be seen on street corner protests.  I'm speaking of the inner quiet voice, many times in the private settings of conversation and friendship, when God challenges you to SPEAK.  That kind of challenge may be to speak up on the behalf of someone who may be lowly in spirit.    The challenge to speak up to bring honor back to a life or a place.   The challenge to ask friends hard questions when lives seem to be going in a little different direction.   The challenge to speak up when your loyalty to vision is questioned.  The voice had not spoken many times due to fear and insecurity.   Speaking up can sometimes bring correction, then healing - in me just as much as others.  Speaking up is the reflection of God's heart. 

In this season, I'm more aware and reminded that God has given me a voice.  A voice that can listen to when my Father wants me to speak, with the voice He wants me to speak.   I have a voice - to speak, to ask, to share, to relate, to love.   I'm learning to love my voice!