Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Anyone who knows me, knows I like to be busy, active, engaged and captivated by life.  I love every part of living and don't want to miss a thing!   This has been a busy season for me, and I must declare to the world that I am loving each & every moment.  In all that I get to be a part of, I really count it an honor to serve in the many areas that I have the chance to be connected to!  

I am honored that God has given me an incredible husband and children to get to share this most sacred life with!  I get to be a wife and Mom!  Both childhood dreams that God has made happen!   I get to serve God's house, God's people and connect others to His vision for freedom at Freedom House Church!    I get to be a part of some incredible organizations who are impacting lives for restoration and healing like Mercy Ministries!   I am surrounded by such loving, passionate people that I get to learn from, share life with and be on this adventure not isolated in a silo!  I have long time devoted family & friends who I know love me and "have my back"! 

It is such an honor to have this life.  My life.   I get to live this life!   I get to live this life!   I'm especially thankful for the crazy days, busy schedules, sibling arguments, burned dinners, wrinkled laundry - it's all mine!    It means I'm living.   I'm here.  I'm captivated!

Tonight's blog may not be a bright lights, big "to-do" to you, but this heart is thankful, honored and captivated by God's love that He would think of me to be a part of this story!