Monday, April 7, 2014

You Haven't Been Dropped!

Have you ever been dropped?   I have!  I can imagine the laughing comments now of "oh now that explains a lot about her!"... Ha Ha!  I can handle the laughs!  Bring them on! 

I remember being a small girl, probably around 4 years old, riding on my Dad's shoulders and walking up a huge hill by our house!  He felt horrible when suddenly he lost his grip and I decided I wanted to let go and tumbled off his shoulders!   My dad didn't intentionally let me go.  I am sure I was the cause in the tumble.  After all I had a huge, 4 year old need, to wiggle out of his secure arms & wanting to get down and run run run!  I was 4!  My Dad still feel's horrible many years later for this incident, so please laugh along with me (and Him), next time  you see my Dad!

Here is the point ... This has been sticking with me over the last few weeks and I just have to share what God is depositing into my view!

We all have a little 4 year old person inside of us that get's impatient!  We want it "our way", not understanding that the Dad is wanting to keep us secure, protected and provided for.  If we stay on His shoulders, not only is the ride a little more adventurous (and more secure), but His view also offers a more tremendous view! 

Here is what I've seen from the view of His shoulder!

  • I've seen that when God asks me to take on an assignment,  when He pick's me ...  I'm His & He doesn't back down from choosing me.  I wasn't the last to be chosen on the playground. I'm His.  Even with all of my short comings, failures and potential embarrassing laughs, wiggles and falls - I'm His.  You are His.  Be assured that He has chosen YOU!  He knows what He is doing!

  • I've seen that His shoulder view is a place of great protection.  His shoulder is a place where He will provide everything that is needed.  He will provide grace when I lack.  He will provide strength when I feel torn.  He will provide courage when I feel threatened.  He will provide peace when there is panic.  When I try to wiggle out, He's got a grip on me that cannot be distracted.  I've seen that He hold's me steady & firm.  I'm His.  There is safety when I'm with Him.    When you obey what God asks of you, you are under His protective guard.  Even when you feel like you are tumbling away from His grip, He is there.  Let him hold your hand.  He's not gonna let go.  Don't let fear bring the tumble.  Enjoy the view of how He works for you!

Hold on tight!   Laugh & wiggle all you want!  He's got this!  

Enjoy this new view!   He picked you!

Isaiah 41:8-10 MSG
“I’ve picked you. I haven’t dropped you. Don’t panic. I’m with you. There’s no need to fear for I’m your God. I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you. I’ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you."