Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5 Of My Favorites!

I had to write a post this month about a few of my favorite things!

I'm a pretty busy Mom, Wife and Friend!  I love being busy and love doing all that I get to do.  I sincerely enjoy my life!   I don't know how many can really say that, but I really love each part I get to play!   

I have a few major things I'm a part of in this season and I love finding resources that keep me organized, encouraged and productive.  A few of these roles include serving on staff at an amazing church in Children's Ministries,  volunteering as Director for an annual non-profit fundraising 5K & Family Walk,  homeschooling my 6th grade son and partnering monthly with our local YMCA to host monthly community prayer groups.  I love all I get to do and it's truly an adventure!  I love it!  

With all of these roles I have in addition to being wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend  -I need tools to help keep me organized & focused!  My strong sanguine fun girl tends to come out strong when I am not surrounded by organizational tools while balanced with fun resources!  

Here are my recent TOP 5 favorites!

1.   Staples Apprentice Rotating Desk Organizer


I love how I have so much space to store files, projects, supplies and all my favorite office tools!    With all the many things I work on ... this was perfect for my desktop space!   I love how it spins!   Fun for this chick too!

2.  Frixion Erasable Pens - I enjoy knowing I can erase in my lesson planning notes, as well as any calendar updates or meeting notes!  Colorful & clean!  Much better than those old models!


3.  Social Media  - I stay connected with so many industry trends with all I am a part of through social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and also through many blog subscriptions!  It's a great way to stay up to date with current trends in homeschool, ministry, family life, leadership and so much more!   We have so much on our phones too to learn with!  There is absolutely NO REASON to be out of the loop with current industry trends, news and updates with whatever you are a part of!    


4.   iMom.com
One of my favorite new found resources is iMom.com!  What a wealth of tips, fun ideas and resources for any family! 
 Check it out at www.imom.com

5.  Bible app for my Droid!                                                  
I love knowing that I've got this with me wherever I go!  Stopped at Sbucks Drive Thru - need a word?  Got it!   With a friend over lunch - need a word?  Got it!   Want that quiet moment late at night when you can't sleep - need a word?  Got it!   I love the Life Journal Reading plan and continue to write out my journaling notes, savoring the specific things God speaks during my quiet moments. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the printed pages of my hot pink Bible still just as much!   But there's nothing like having this with me!                                                                

I'm off to spin my "apprentice organizer" happily! 

What are you using to keep things organized with the various roles you play?