Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"What Are You Planting?" ... Growing Leaders At Freedom House Kids!

A lot of fabulous new things have been growing inside of the Haas' view over the last few months!    We can't wait to share all God has been doing from this view!   

We've been asked frequently of the details of why we have began a new focus of developing new leaders and how it all got started!  Many have wanted to sit and "dig in" to our experience of what it's been like to grow new leaders with Freedom House Kids and with our team at Freedom House! 

We are excited to share that over the next few weeks, we are going to share a few of our "lessons learned" in our adventure!  We'll share a few of the challenges, the celebrations, a few of our "misses" and the practical tools and wisdom we were able to apply.  It's truly been an honor to walk thru the last 5 months with this core team of new leaders and be able to watch God deposit and grow such vast promises in each of them!

Stay tuned for more coming this week as we share a few of the FHkids team organizational ideas' we've navigated, leadership resources that we have dove deep in to learn and apply ... and more!

We look forward to hearing of how you are growing leaders around you as well!

Dig deep!  Plant well!   Enjoy the Harvest! 

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