Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shovels May Be Required

It's that time of year where I will plant properly, the spring bulbs I want to see blooming in the spring. I don't normally hold gardening talents that label me with a "green thumb award" from the local county fair, so I need to read and learn all I can, to make sure I'm preparing purposefully for the beauty I want to see ahead.  I know it's important for me to space out these bulbs out for growth, to plant before a frost arrives and to be aware of the health of the soil I plant in.  It's also important that I have the right tools to help me in the growing.

The same is true with growing leaders.  At Freedom House  & Freedom House Kids, growing leaders is a big deal!  It's a passion like none other! Just as I want the bulbs to provide beauty in the next season,  leaders must be purposefully prepared & ready for the next season God has in store! 

Over the last few months, our FHkids leadership teams have been digging deep!
  1. They have navigated the tools together - digging into several great teaching resources (tools). 
  2. They have invested together - cultivating mentoring time (soil) with the leaders.  
  3. They have provided safety together - offering a safe environment (atmosphere) for current leaders and growing leaders to "dig deep".     
All of these things have to work together to bring the beauty in the next season.     

The courage that these leaders have given, is breathtaking.  They have been brave, faithful  and passionate to pursue God's best for their lives.   Digging deep has often required them to step into areas that they didn't know were still "rocky" in the underbrush.  Digging deep has required them to be vulnerable,  many trusting for the first time after "harsh, cold seasons" had come and gone.

The beauty of watching a new confidence and passion in their leadership that may have been buried, pushed aside, forgotten - for long cold seasons, finally pushing thru the barriers - is astoundingly beautiful!  Just like the multicolored rows of tulips that will line my front porch in the spring!

Chris and I are so proud of these leaders!  What fun it has been to learn along with them!  What a sight to see!   We love having this awesome view of watching God at work!

A few have asked ... "What are your top recommended books?".  There are so many fabulous resources to share, but here are a few of the non-negotiables that The Haas' hold close. 

Grab yourself a copy,  grab the shovel and dig in!

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