Monday, July 14, 2014

Make Room!

This summer has flown by and I have no idea how it's already mid July without my permission!  I didn't plan for time to go this fast!  Whoa!

Over the last few weeks, I've experienced an echo throughout the days that simply reminds me of this simple ask ... Make Room.

This summer has been pretty much non-stop and our calendar's have been quickly, but intentionally,  filled up - with not a lot of  room to budge.  You see, both Chris and I, like to have a plan.  We like to know the plan.  We prefer to plan for the plan, and we like to live with the plan.   We are plan people.

We have also been given all of the necessary "leadership tools" in the kit to know how to invest our days well and to always make sure we are #1. Making time for Jesus.  #2.  Making time for our marriage and kids,  and #3. Making sure our time does not get sabotaged.    Over the last few years, we have also been taught well to "pick our day off & protect our day off".   We do take time to rest and recover together  - we do that well and the others as well.

Here is where I need to "Make Room" ... with the spontaneous!  I've been guilty of having such a bad rapport of denying the spontaneous.   I am the one who has a tendency to sabotage my days by not making room for the spontaneous.    Am I so consumed by the "the list", "the plan", that I am forgetting to allow the surprises to arrive for me? 

I must evaluate ME and my reply.   Am I "making room"?

  • Do I reply to that surprise invitation to sit by the pool,  on a wonderfully warm Memorial Day? ... Even though I had no food prepared to take for a 1 hr arrival time, and against all social etiquette norms that was in me, I brought deli items to share, not a standard  home cooked item from my recipe repertoire!  Oh my!  Or lest I mention the excuse of my white Irish legs that have not been touched by one sun beam in over a year?  Oh my!  ... I chose to arrive, smile and laugh - while using SPF 50 on the legs.  I needed this day - to connect pieces of my heart!  5 weeks later, I'm still applying the SPF 50 thick!  I'm Irish!

  • Do I reply to a faithful, 23 year friendship, with an excuse when she surprises me while being in town from Orlando and wants a late night dinner chat?  Or do I take on the heels that have been worn through a long day, throw those things back on my coral colored toes and make this night count for my friend  -  and for me?   Yes!  ... And the best discovery is to see how God orchestrated the details to bring both of us together, on this night, to answer both of our prayers for specific dreams as women leading in ministry!  Do I dare mention the laughs shared and the reminders of what God has done over these years that will carry us on into this new season?  Or what about the laughs of "can you believe we did that"???   It was worth every second!  I needed this spontaneous moment!

  • What about the moment on a busy Sunday morning, when my daughter's heart was broken, all because she had to stay farewell to her beloved little lizard friend Henry, as she had to return him to the wild?   In that moment I had a choice ...  "Do I busily get back to work - pushing aside her heart, or take a moment to hug her heart and let her cry?"  People needed me.  Tasks needed to be done.  The morning prep work was calling.  I chose to stop.  I chose to listen to her heart.  I chose to "make room" in that moment to allow her to be the wonderfully creative & spunky 9 year old little girl, who loves with all of her heart, every little slimy gross green creature, beetle & critter.  I chose to make room for her share the pain of letting go.  I had to make room to heal her heart, and in return, my heart was healed from the rush of the day! 


I must make room for the spontaneous joys & interruptive moments that God has provided for me to live in, learn by and laugh with!

I know that there is no way I can never reply to them all.  I may have to decline to a few invitations as time comes, but I will clear the space - on my calendar app, on paper and in my heart.  I will make more room.  I've got to leave space for the spontaneous!   I'm learning calendar entry by calendar entry, to "make room",  watching how He directs my days.  

Watch out for a spontaneous invite from me - you never know where the adventure might take us!   As long as we pursue it together - there's no ending the fun!

Make Room!  Lots of adventures await for us!


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