Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Think I Like Who I'm Becoming

I had a hard time with this one.  I had found this "favorite quote" on Pinterest a few months back and I hesitated for such a long time to even consider posting this.


I had always been taught that it could be interpreted as arrogant, conceited and frivolous to say that I liked myself.   I'm stripping that off.  That mockery is done.

A few weeks ago I had the courage to finally share this simple, but powerful statement.   It's freeing to share this exclamation.

Why? ...

I like me.  
I like that I've released myself from a place of contrite criticism of myself.  
I like what I am seeing God consistently correct in me.  
I like that I have given up places, circumstances and seasons I previously needed to control. 
I like the healing that God has brought to me, my spirit and my hope.  
I like that I'm growing through failures, weakness and fears - everyday.
I like the strength that surprises me, when I see His Holy Spirit direct me - quietly and quickly.  
I like the choices I've made to trust what He has asked of me.  
I like the hard days, hard relationships and hard decisions, I didn't think I could come through, or step away from - His grace was there. 
I like me, knowing without His Word and His presence, I am nothing.
I like that I am sweetly His,  still learning to be His.

It's simple.   I like WHAT I'm becoming.   I like WHO I am becoming,  more of His!    It's good (and painful, hilarious, exhilarating, adventurous, a little scarry too),  to see what God is growing.   I'll take it.  Every detail.

It's OK for me to like me.  It's OK to give myself a chance.  It's OK for me to watch Him create a better me, and consider it good.  I like me, because I'm His.

I want Him to be seen.  I want His love to be known.  

What are you becoming?  
What is holding you back?  
What do you like about you?   

Answering these three questions can share a lot about your story.  What pieces are hard for you to answer?

Continuously Becoming ...


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