Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thanksgiving Part 2 - Let it continue!

I’ve been in the kitchen, on the road, in our "classroom" and zoning out due to some good cough meds so much these last two weeks, I haven’t had time to blog. But I have had plenty of time to ponder the bountiful blessings which fill my life. With connecting with all sides of our family this week — and a few friends we had the chance to connect with — it just doesn’t get any better than this!

Even though the official day of "Thanksgiving" has come and gone, I want to keep this heart of gratitude,

I’m thankful for the men and women who had the vision and the courage to pursue their dream of a land in which we could be free to worship God. For those in ensuing years who have preserved and defended our freedoms. And for the Lord whose grace has blessed this land.

I’m thankful for the gift of our children and freedom to homeschool them. Even on those exhausting, frustrating days that seem to never end...for those I am thankful.  For a husband who has been given a great skill to work in his giftings and be a blessing to our family and for enabling me to fulfill this calling of being a full time mommy, teacher, wife and friend. For God’s peace, provision, and power that encourage and strengthen me in each of these vital tasks.   I love our God passionately and I am thankful for His love for me.

I’m thankful for my husband’s spiritual leadership in our home as we seek to guide our children to love and serve God.  I am thankful for his wisdom and even his "organizational" gifts.  I am thankful for the passion and potential for His Kingdom being manifested in our kids lives.  I am thankful that they are healthy, strong and have a heard to learn about God.

I’m thankful for the gracious plenty that we enjoy each day, not just at this time of year.   We've all gone through seasons where we think we are "lacking" or have "lost".   I can tell you, we haven't.  God has bene so faithful to us in providing "great hope" for us.   Even down to the last second,  the last possible moment.  I am thankful today for clean water to be able to wash all those dishes in my sink — a luxury unknown in many parts of the world, but available to us instantly in both hot and cold versions.  For all the daily blessings that are so easy to take for granted—food, shelter, clothing, each breath I take.

I’m thankful for the Creator who made this beautiful world with its changing seasons.  Each given an apporpriate time and theme.   This appliese to both our earth and our spirit.   For an amazing new church family with a heart for the least and the lost.  I am thankful for the love and trasparency of  Godly leaders who search after God intensely.  

Off to warm up that dish water....  time to get back to work.  Thankful that I can.

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