Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Believe I Can Fly!

Over the last few weeks we've had a wonderful front row seat watching spring life unfold!   It's been a great learning opportunity on our homeschool journey, but it's also stirred up a few great reminders for my own heart.   

A little Starling bird had built a perfect nest on the bright green ivy growing on our front porch post.   Two eggs arrived, then six.  She carefully cared for the eggs and we were very aware to not go too close to startle her or cause fear to her home.   Of course, this was not always guaranteed with our little six year old curious mind!   A few weeks had passed and on one of Eliana's daily inspection of the abode, we discovered 4 babies!  Then 6!   They were all here!     

Chris would hear the baby birds chirp so loudly when they sensed "Momma" was around!   He would call the kids to the office window to have them watch as they were fed and quieted.   One morning we found that one little bird had fallen out of the nest and did not make it through the day.  My husband was the grand hero and didn't let the kids see this hard life lesson part!    I must confess,  I did shed a tear or two knowing that the little bird didn't have a chance!

We've been watching this nest intently.  Checking in on how the feathers are forming, the yucky-ness of the nest at this point and watching carefully each day to see when they would fly!   Yesterday we checked and only two birds remained!   I'm not sure what happened to the others.  One thing I did learn with a little research on the link below, is that the "Momma" bird would have removed any dead birds from the nest.  Talk about a hard job!  

This afternoon Chris checked and the two birds were on the edge of the nest - ready at any moment to leap!    This evening - gone!   They had taken that huge step to start their new little life.    Taken that step to fly!  Taken that risk to leave the nest!   Taken the step to trust, live and FLY!

I'm proud of these little creatures!  I don't know how the rest of their story will play out, but it's been fun watching this side of it with a front row seat!   I want to live like them.  God, I know  you will always push me when I'm hesitant.  You'll nudge me out of my comfortable place to keep me fully trusting you.   You will prepare me for that moment and surround me when I take that leap to "fly" into what you've called me to do!  

Fly Birdies Fly!


All About Starlings!

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