Friday, March 11, 2011

What Ya Reading?

I was thinking about this throughout the week... as new year has come and gone, I've found myself drenched again in my many home-school curriculum books, childrens resources and a stack of personal reading choices to navigate through.  

I love to read and I love to listen to teaching series - anything on leadership, discipleship, parenting, education - anything!  I am usually guilty of reading about 5-6 books at a time..   But I usually don't recall the "meat" very well unless I focus on one at a time.  So I'm setting a goal - this one is right at the top - along with my health and fitness goals - to be a stronger, focused reader!

Usually you will find me navigating through 5th & 6th grade curriculum, learning about the Phoenicians,   landforms,  our solar system or The Bronze Bow.   I do a lot of reading - of course due to lesson planning for Daniel's day,  re-reading some of favorite parenting resources - Child Wise and other parenting resources such as Manners Matter by Hermine Hartley.  All of these are necessary resources as I navigate through my six year and my ten year old's journey.  As a leader, I need to be more intentional to embark into the quiet, focused time to enjoy and learn from a good read. 

The titles that are currently resting beside my bed, in my car and on my desk include;

Every Church Has A Culture, By Design or By Default - By Kevin Gerald 
Emotionally Healthy Church - By Peter Scazzero
Plan B - By Pete Wilson
Ancient Paths - By Craig Hill
Generation iY - By Tim Elmore

My goal - put two down (for now), pick up and finish 1.   Then, repeat!

Pick up a copy and let's finish a few together!  First on the list - Ancient Paths by Craig Hill.   

Off to grab a warm, comfy spot to read!  You gonna join in with me?

Next on the list - Plan B!    Get a copy and message me if you want to read along together!

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