Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" Journey - 2010-2011

Over the last two years, we have embarked on this journey of homeschooling Daniel.  Many have asked throughout this journey how we do what we do, why we do what we do and what do we use for curriculum in what we do.   So this day is dedicated to share how and what we are learning on this year's adventures!

I can't believe that this year he is finishing up the elementary "school" year of 5th grade!   For our style of learning, we have embarked with a more "eclectic" mix of goodies that are a match for Daniel's grade level  testing and our preference of materials - and resources that allow for a flexible learning environment.    

Sea World - Dolphin Feeding - September 2010

I truly am cherishing this time I have in being an active part of Daniel & Eliana's education.    We take school one year at a time, one child at a time,  one season at a time.  As a result of that process, we have one child in a traditional public school and one as a home-school student.   I firmly believe that each child is different and may require different learning environments.   I have loved seeing Eliana's personality, passion and excitement for learning with her teacher.  I know she is thriving where she is and she LOVES school!   I love being in partnership with her teacher and volunteering with any opportunity that is available!

There are times I still can't believe I'm on this journey with Daniel.  I fought against taking the leap to home-schooling for a long while.  I was scared silly that I was going to "mess up" my child!   But it's been quiet different than all those fears I had conjured up.   I am truly thankful I get to do this!   I don't remember school being this fun!    Some of our favorite things to do are to take adventures out to see where history has taken place,  watching science & technology operate together at the Metrolina Greenhouses,  picking the freshest apples & strawberries possible and learning about the agricultural & financial impacts that these delicious goodies bring to our region and packing our books for the day and heading out to our favorite park to get sunshine and soil samples for science.   We love it all!    

When I asked Daniel today what he STILL liked about homeschooling,  his reply was "Getting to spend time with my family.  I know many kids don't get to have the time I have with my parents and sister.   Plus Mom - I've got the best guitar teacher and I get to do geography & science with Lego's.  Come on Mom... this is the life for a kid like me!" .... OK.... He made me tear up!    Now for the hard question of what do you NOT like about school this year?   His reply, "I have a desk.  Now I think I want a locker".   OK - I can work on that too!   We will begin to seek out what next year may look like,  who knows where this journey will be headed.  It's going to be fun to watch it all take place!

Over the last year I've watched Daniel begin to grow into a young man.  Before my very eyes, he is now a "Man Child".   I'm getting the chance to watch him learn about transitional phrases, adverbs and Venn Diagrams; we get to read about the classic literature hero's and learn how to serve God's church.  We laugh at gross jokes, I referee the typical arguments with his sister and I've watched him reach out to make new friends and begin to walk through some of life's tough questions.   I've also watched him grow 5" over this last year and have seen an appetite establish in him like never before.   I know I can't get this time back so I'm savoring every day and every math problem that may come my way.   (By the way - I've had nightmares about his math curriculum!)

Lego Geography November 2010 - Belize - Learning about & recreating the Mayan Ruins
This year we have taken advantage of all flexible options available!   From adjusting our "school" schedule with Dad & Mom's schedule with work,  the flexibility offered to allow for family time is treasured!  Here are some of our favorite resources on this year's learning journey!

Hope Christian Academy 2010-2011 Curriculum
Apologia Science - Astronomy  - Fall Semester  
Apologia Science - Anatomy & Physiology  -  Spring Semester       
Learning Language Arts Through Literature - Tan Level
A Reason For Spelling - Level F 
Old World History & Geography  - Abeka
Enjoying Good Health - 5th Grade - Abeka
SOS Math - Alpha & Omega
Lego Education - Lego Geography & Lego Robotics  - Concord Mills Lego Store
Praying With The Presidents - Charisma Kids - By Ron Dicianni 
Art & Music Education:  Guitar Lessons - Biweekly,  Weekly art/composer/music review.
Physical Education:   Basketball, Soccer & Tae Kwon Do - Local YMCA
Current Events Awareness & Additional Creative Learning Resources - Kidsville Newspaper,  Harrisburg Horizons,   Charlotte Observer,  History Channel Website & Channel,,,,   CCHNet - Yahoo Group,  Homespun Charlotte - Yahoo Group,,   Testing Services - Barnhill Testing - Woodcock Johnson,  HSLDA - Homeschool Legal Defense Association,   NCHE - North Carolinian's for Home Education.

Classic Literature for 2010-2011:   Homer Price,  Carry On Mr. Bowditch,    The Bronze Bow,   The Voyage of The Dawn Treader,  Big Red,   The Horse & His Boy

Duke Energy Explorium - Nuclear Energy Week 2011

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