Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Life In The Boot!

On Friday it will two weeks since I fell and fractured my foot.  I have to tell ya, I don't like this.  I don't like not being able to go, go go.  I like to drive myself to any destination of choice, walk without assistance of crutches or the cush black boot.  I like to dance and hop with the kiddos at Freedom House Church.  I like to play with my kiddos and not trip over this monster of a rehab shoe. I like to take an occasional run or walk to get the cardio thing going.   Bottom line, I don't like being weighted down.    I don't like being confined, but oh more than that... How humble this beast of a boot can make a lady!  After-all, it doesn't compliment anything in my summer wardrobe!

If you've ever been in this Big Beastie Boot, you know my pain, inconvenience and great frustration.   It's now a heavy weight on the knee and on my foot.  It's not bling'ed out like I want it to be.  (Someone please bring on the Bedazzler!)  Oh enough about the bad!   I'll stop the chatter about that!  I am being reminded of some pretty good stuff. 

God is revealing so much to my heart during this time of being confined.  It's in these quiet moments of "SITTING" that I am overwhelmed with new revelation of His love for me!  It  is extravagant and lavish!  He holds nothing back from me - His girl!

The top things I'm learning with the Big Beastie Boot....

1.  I'm reminded that it's OK for me to ask for help.
2.  It's OK for me to let others bless me.
3.  It's OK for me not to HAVE TO do it all.
4.  It's OK for me to move at a slower pace. 
5.  I'm reminded that this BOOT is being used to help attain a full, whole healing.  Sometimes we need to be slowed down, to get  the best result.   (Just so you know, if I tried to wear a regular shoe right, I would scream like a sissy girl and it would injure me only more intensely!  There is so many lessons to be learned here!)   Wear the shoe or boot Jesus has provided!  He's working it out for you!

My husband has been amazing - His patience, love and passion for his family - is off the charts!  He is a hero to my heart!   My friends have been a gift and place of humor - from meals, Designated Drive Rides and calls to get me laughing - I'm so thankful!   

Big Beautiful Beastie Boot  - I'm thankful for Jesus working through you today!

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