Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eliana's Declaration To All!

As a mom of two amazingly lovable and high energy children, I have a day or two occasionally where I have to stop, take a few deep breaths and gain assurance from God that I am indeed a pretty cool mom.    I know all of us have those days where you feel like you are not feeling so "hot" or not measuring up to your expectations or comparisons to "the other cool mom's".   Today was one of those day, but Eliana has declared tonight (without prompting or me paying her a quarter)....

"Mom, you are the best mom in this city!".

There.   It's been decided.    February 2, 2010 - Let the record show,  "I am the best mom in this city!"

I can't argue with that.  I can't argue with her intense determination to shout it loud at her cheer-leading practice, in front of all of the other moms, her 13 member squad and other spectators.   I can't push aside her gleaming eye and sweet smile as she proudly returns to her "squad", as if she had just won the treasured prize. 

My heart is full today.   She didn't win,  I've won the prize!   Oh you see, it's not because I've received awards for books written or the best decorated home in the Parade of Homes or the lottery!

My heart is full!   I have the heart of my daughter!

I love that girl.  I love being her mom.  I love learning with her and from her.   I love her passion for life, her passion for laughter and her passion for making each day a "tickle party".   I love the way she challenges me.   I love her quick spirited mind.   I love her "tantrums" that I get to help bridle and direct, allowing the Holy Spirit to form her into the woman that God has called her to be.    I love watching her fall asleep after a long, fun, challenging day - taking moments to do "snuggle bugs", knowing that her dreams are beginning and developing, and one day will be real.    I love her curiosity and her enthusiasm for all she does.   I love that beneath the "tough girl" exterior, she's sensitive, faith filled and knows that God hears her prayers.   I love hearing her pray, even tonight "God I know you hear me. I want more snow. Please God bring me some more snow".   I'm loving celebrating every step, every season, every challenge, every milestone, every sweet song and every moment of correction with her.    God has some pretty cool things in store!  

Now it's my time to say.... "I've won!   I've won!   I've won!"

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