Thursday, December 31, 2009

A typical day.... In the life of this momma!

It's been a few crazy busy weeks!    The last few months have gone by extremely fast!  I've come to understand and appreciate that right now, I don't have typical days.    It's Christmas break for us at Hope Christian Academy and we are LOVIN' IT!   Now that the family visiting and traveling is completed and we are recovered from our sleep... I thought I'd share a few things crossing my mind.

Over Thanksgiving a few family members asked what my typical day was like now that I'm homeschooling.  It hasn't really changed that much.   My typical day includes the normal tasks most moms & dads check off their list.... laundry, meals, shopping, appointments,  carpools, practices, homeschooling or homework, music lessons, calls to friends and family,  quiet time,  exercise,  connecting w/ pals, referee sibling squabbles ...  you know how the list rolls.   I'm still normal and even push the snooze button frequently to help sustain my day.  As far as I know, green little aliens haven't taken over my mind.   Many in my family think I'm nuts for taking on this journey of being a full time mommy, much less that scary world of HOMESCHOOLING!  (Screeching children, weird hair do's,  smarty pants images floating in your mind?)   You will still catch me giving my kids "the look" to help enforce the rules while we are waiting in line at Target, oh and if I'm really gonna be honest, you may catch me wearing two different shoes to church on Sunday cause I didn't pay close attention as we walked out the door.  Yes, this has happened twice over the last 5 years!   I need a better varied shoe collection!   Anyway, my point..... I'm still normal.   Now isn't that refreshing? 

On we go!    Thanksgiving arrived quickly - did we eat?  Christmas was a blur - I think we still have our lights up and on!  

Today, December 31st... I'm finally taking today as a jammies day and "hunkering" down at home.  (I declare this at 1:12 AM!)   Today is my REST day to RELAX!    

Why? ...  Because I can!   I can push aside that last pile of laundry for today.  I can use my crock-pot to make soup for tonight's fun.   I can snuggle with my kiddo's, puppy & honey all day.   I can enjoy my quiet time searching the Word for instruction, wisdom and correction.   I can get beat by Daniel in Lego Rock Band and at the same time get "fancied" up by Eliana the make-up artist at her "beauty shop".   I can write a few notes to dear friends on the other side of our country, without the intense threat of crayon marks interrupting or adding to the artwork.   I may even try to get a work-out in to prep my physical purge in preparation for this 10K I'm doing in March.  All because I can!    All because I'm pretty normal and me.

I'm so blessed to be able to be with our children and with my husband during this season.  These last few weeks have been really an awakening time for me.  I've realized more and more how God has prepared this season for me.  He's had this in his mind for me.  He's been setting things up for me.  Setting things in place, intimately,  passionately,  lovingly - thinking about me.   Normal me.  I am loving this season of working along side my husband in our home, together we are educating, loving, ministering, preparing and living full, blessed, highly favored lives.     I love it!   I love it!   I love it!

I'm thankful today for healthy bodies, strong - alert minds and a spirit that seeks after God's heart.

I'm thankful that God takes care of all parts... the big stuff and the intimate details.  

I'm thankful that I have God's Word and His Holy Spirit to equip me for each step and each season.

I'm thankful for today!  

I'm thankful that I'm ME and God would bless me with this pretty amazing life!

Now... I'm ready and thankful for this next year, this 2010 beginning!   No looking back!   I don't want to stumble over what may be waiting in front of me!

My 2010 calendar is pretty open right now.... want to meet for coffee, meet for a run, connect and laugh?

We're off and running, and we are not turning back. Philippians 3:14

Forget about what's happened; don't keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I'm about to do something brand-new. Isaiah 43:19

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