Sunday, October 18, 2009

Restoration Song

This morning as I warmed in the sun shining through the bay window, (after freezing for 3 days working at the track).... By the way...BBBRRRRRRRR cold..... I was reminded of this song and the power of God's restoration.

I was looking at this picture my Aunt had sent me of my Grandma Pennell and all of her sisters. She had just made a regular photo copy of it, no restoration to it, just a rough copy. I could see the edges frayed, black and white scuff's all throughout. Faded parts on some of the others she sent to, showing wear, tears and loss of beauty. Details of the faces and background - blurred. I began really thinking of how much more this picture could be if it could be restored. I still treasure it because I know the faces, but how much more joy it could bring to my mom if we can get it restored. (My Grandma is on the far left!)

We've seen the tricks that can be done with photo's that have been restored. They are returned clear, precise, beautiful and for many of us, bring great reminders of milestones, memories of special people who we love, those who love us and will act as a treasured heirloom of family memories for generations to come.

It's like this.....
When God restores, it's better than original. It's better than you could ever have dreamed or thought of. It's with more peace, more power and more grace than you could have ever worked to earn. When it's the work of His hands, it's lasting, eternal, full! Nothing missing, nothing lacking, nothing broken! No faded and torn parts of the picture.
I'm reminded that His plan for me will be fulfilled. No matter what I see happening around me that may look like I've been forgotten about, His love for me will be lavished on my life to draw others to Him and He desires to bless me because He wants great, good things for me. He doesn't forget His promises. He cannot forget.

His restoration is all about His love! He is a God of new! I'm thankful for His restoration love. I want all He has in store. The laughter, the dancing, the joy!

Off to search for photo restoration folks! If you know of any in this area - send me their info!

Click on the link and enjoy this video (Lyrics are below)! God's restoration is always better than original!

Restoration Song - Clay Edwards

You bring restoration,
You bring restoration,
You bring restoration to my soul!

You've taken my pain,
You call me by a new name,
You've taken my shame
And in its place,
You give me joy!

You take my mourning turn it into dancing,
You take my weeping turn it into laughing,
You take my mourning turn it into dancing,
You take my sadness turn into joy!

You make all things new!
You make all things new!

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