Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A New School Year!

Have you ever been excited to step into something new, but you are a little nervous to take that step? You know with all that is in you that God has asked you to do it and it will be an extravagant, fun, adventurous and sometimes risky endeavor! You know you will have the time of your life if you do it? Well that has been the recent season for our family!

Last night as I finished up reviewing for my first day of homeschooling, I got this knot in my stomach. A nervous ache! As I was thinking .... oh God ... I need you! I need you in this new thing you are asking of me! I need you to tell me you are with me! I need you to reassure me that I'm not going to "mess up" my kid! (Even though I know that God has given me every tool, thing, gift, passion to be the best mom to him!.... there are times we question..... right?). I was reminded of Joshua 1 - before Joshua even had a chance to cry out in fear - God assured, "I'm with you - don't be afraid!"

As I was setting our breakfast table with all the fun fabrics, new crayons and pencils and making it fun for the bright morning sun and bright eyed kids, God gently assured me, "Hey.... just as you want to make this new morning fun for them, I'm making this fun for you.... Laugh and enjoy every part. Know I'm right here with you - making it great for YOU"!

Sometimes some of the greatest new seasons require steps of faith for the places we've never been.... for the lands we've never visited. For this season, God is requiring me to have faith for this new land.... but also a joy! A joy that only a great father would want to give his kids! A joy only a parent can understand as they see their child grow into the young man God designed. If we don't step in and enjoy it all .... think of all we'll miss out on!

This morning as we started our day, I asked Daniel to write ... "My first day of 4th grade, I think it will be...." his first response..... "Fun to get to know my parents better".

Oh he'll get to know me better.... I hope he will laugh along even louder WITH me! I'm looking forward to knowing our "young man" like never before! It's going to be fun!

I'll keep you all posted as we step into this new adventure!

The first day is completed.... Math - Check..... Language Arts - Check..... Spelling - Check ...... Science - Field Trip to a Dentist Office this afternoon (with a full report to follow).... Fun -Check .... Every step of the way!

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  1. Keep up the good work, I might be needing to glean information from you in the future! BTW, well said!